This week in Atrium Health Proud, Kaleiba Bouler describes her experience and success in the Restorative Pathways program at Atrium Health.


The following is an excerpt from the Monday, August 29, 2022, Atrium Proud Newsletter, showcasing two Restorative Pathways participants, now AH teammates, Kabeila Bouler and George White.


Why I am Proud…


I honestly did not know what to expect when I applied for the Restorative Pathways program. I did know this was a program for people who had made mistakes in their lives and became impacted by the justice system but wanted better futures. Knowing that, I took a leap of faith and applied to be part of the program.

One of hardest parts of being justice-impacted is that your past makes it difficult to find a good job.

Employers typically do not want to hire you because of that involvement, but Atrium Health gives people a chance with Restorative Pathways. So far, the organization has hired 20 justice-impacted men and women into in-demand roles in facilities throughout Atrium Health Greater Charlotte.


When I learned about Restorative Pathways, I wanted to apply, but I had a lot of hesitation, partly because I would have to write an essay. By the time I decided to submit my application and essay, I told myself, “Let’s just see where this is going.” After learning I was chosen for the first class in September 2021 (the Atrium Health selection team actually liked my essay), I was delighted about what was to come. This was an opportunity to get into the career field I always wanted.


On November 6, 2021, I became a Transporter I at Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center. My 90 days of education went far beyond simply job training, however. I learned how to communicate effectively; how to excel; and how to strive for what I want. I cannot explain the blessings this organization has afforded me. My fellow Restorative Pathways participants and I formed a bond like no other. And even though I was not yet officially a teammate, current Atrium Health teammates were rooting for me to join the team. The dedication they showed to me was heartfelt.


Two months after joining Patient Transport, I earned a promotion to Transporter II and transferred to Atrium Health University City. I remember feeling so proud and happy that due to my work ethic and energy, my supervisor, Eric Eaddy, chose me for the position. I am now back at Carolinas Medical Center, where I was promoted again – this time to a Patient Safety Attendant. This position gives me the opportunity to become a Certified Nurse Assistant, and I will start those classes in September. I still want to do more, however, so after that, who knows!


I am #AtriumHealthProud to have been part of Restorative Pathways. I know I have a huge team behind me helping me to achieve my goals and dreams.


Kaleiba Bouler
Patient Safety Attendant
Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center

George White shares his story!

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