ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP)


As a result of the Raj Chetty study and the resulting Leading on Opportunity report, City Startup Labs began rethinking traditional workforce development of the formerly incarcerated or returning citizens. We wanted to build entrepreneurial and technical capabilities and capacity that is deeply connected with community. We imagine that this can scale into a value that balances both economic and social returns.


So, in 2018-19, CSL designed a new initiative, the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) as a pilot, to provide entrepreneurial education and training.


Reentry programs typically focus on meeting the immediate needs of the formerly incarcerated, including employment. Yet for this population, access to any work, much less livable wage-paying jobs can be especially challenging. The goal with REEP is to demonstrate that entrepreneurship makes for a viable option to standard employment and an anecdote to recidivism.

Restorative Justice

Developing entrepreneurial capacity and sparking innovation from within this population is a dynamic way of bridging gaps between those who need trust restored and communities that have experienced harm and are in need of reconciliation.

Creating a New Class of Entrepreneurs & Value-added Employees

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The ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) utilizes the LEARN/BUILD/DEPLOY (LBD) Model, which marries core competencies, digital-tech service skills and entrepreneurial training for the purposes of preparing REEP participants to create business.

The Restorative Pathways Project is redefining workforce development through wholistic skills building and specialized training that leads to economic mobility, wealth building and job satisfaction.

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REEP Participants Jerry Thompson, Michael Welch-Bey and Travis Williams