Profiles of ReEntry Entrepreneurship

Profiles of ReEntry Entrepreneurship


Back in 2018, when we piloted the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP), there were any number of assumptions that we wanted to test — like, could the work that we had previously done with millennials be applied, whole cloth, to what was a new population for CSL? Could we foster business-building through a team of co-founders from within the cohort? Would folks be determined enough to complete the program without any external incentives? Would they trust the process? Etcetera, etcetera…


Needless to say, we learned a bunch, but at the heart of it all, we settled on this notion of how do we Reimagine Entrepreneurship — for example, who gets to play? where does this happen? how can it democratize wealth creation? And we decided that the formerly incarcerated (the unusual suspects or oft-considered “least of these”) ought to be central to this reimagining.


Against this backdrop, we are pleased to profile three REEP participants from the Class of 2022-23 (there’s also a long-form version found at our YouTube Channel) 

On August 11th, another Restorative Pathways cohort in Charlotte graduated and began their journey on a career in the healthcare field at Atrium Health. Later that month, a new class started in Winston Salem at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, and they will be wrapping up on September 29th.


Here’s a video of the recent graduation…

Teammate Spotlight: LeeRoy Jordan

LeeRoy Jordan has been the Director of the Restorative Pathways project from the very beginning. As someone who is formerly-incarcerated and has worked with and advocated for the justice-impacted much of his adult life – he brings an extraordinary wealth of experience, insights, compassion and grounding to this role. His work with the Doe Fund and their Ready, Willing and Able programs in NYC and Philadelphia allowed him to seamlessly fit into his role with City Startup Labs. His hands-on approach to this work is really second to none and as you might tell by the opening quote, he’s also capable of turning a phrase or two or three. LeeRoy is an invaluable asset to CSL and more importantly, the people who he touches through this work, on a day-to-day basis. We salute you Mr. Jordan!

We know that we could not continue this work without you, thank you.


With Gratitude ~

Henry Rock, Founder & Executive Director City Startup Labs

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