Come partner with us as a CSL volunteer!

City Startup Labs (CSL) through our ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) and Restorative Pathways initiatives works with formerly incarcerated persons and the justice-impacted during their transition as returning citizens. We are building three asset classes through this work – human, social and economic capital – and by partnering with us you can influence all three. Through the power of collaboration and service, we can foster new possibilities for those who will seek our guidance, support and compassion.

Here's how you can volunteer with City Startup Labs as a valued partner:

Accountability Partner

Commitment: 2 hours/wk for 5 weeks – 6 months per participant

In-person preferred, virtual/hybrid optional

An Accountability Partner serves as an empathetic companion in support of participants (for either program), through active listening and guided conversations, as they navigate the ups and downs likely encountered during their work with CSL’s rigorous programming. Accountability Partners are a critical element in CSL’s efforts to seed social capital.

Business Coach

Commitment: 2 hours/wk for 4 months per participant

In-person preferred, virtual/hybrid optional

A Business Coach serves as a trusted advisor as REEP participants grapple with the complexities of becoming an entrepreneur. They serve with making informed decisions and advise on how to build strong foundations for successful businesses. They assist the entrepreneur in applying the skills and principles learned during their training as they execute their business model and launch their new enterprise.

Administrative Support

Commitment: 2-10 hours a week, depending on capacity

Virtual/hybrid optional

Administrative Support for City Startup Labs includes task-oriented roles in support of the organization, including Program Directors, general operations, and the Executive Director. Assignments will be tailored to the volunteer’s skills and our needs on a weekly or monthly basis (e.g., thank you notes, facilitator agreement creation, scanning and filing, social media content, etc.).

Event Planning and Support

Commitment: 5-10 hours a week during the planning period of 1-2 months

In-person or virtual (event-dependent)

Event planning support consists of helping with the creation and execution of CSL events (e.g., Lunch & Learns, Open Houses, Info Sessions, Board Retreats, etc.). They will lead the logistics in finding venues, vendors, and catering, as well as providing opportunities to take events “to the next level” for attendees.

Board of Directors

Commitment: 5-8 hours a month for 2 years

Local preferred, virtual available

A City Startup Labs’ Board Member is required to regularly attend board meetings and participate in at least one of several committees. Directors will remain informed about the organization, committee matters, and be prepared for all meetings by reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports. They understand the mission and vision of the organization and the complexities of serving our target populations. They participate in fund raising for the organization, either through give or get.

Patrons/Thunder Lizards - REEP

Commitment: 1-5 hours a month


Commit to support our budding business owners by using their services, purchasing their products, and attending their events. Share successes with their networks. Provide feedback for participants to improve their offerings.


Commitment: 3-5 hours per event

In-person or virtual (event-dependent)

Speakers and presenters bring subject matter expertise to events, including classes and workshops hosted by City Startup Labs. Topics can include professional or business topics. Consider these events are learning sessions rather than an opportunity to promote the speaker’s products or services.

Ideation, strategy design/testers - CSL

Commitment: 3 hours per Session


This is short-term engagement for Strategy Testers. Volunteers should have some level of expertise or lived experience pertaining to the topic selected for consultation or be a member of demographic being served by the tested or designed strategy/idea. This role can also include research, assessments, and analysis.

Facilitators - RP/REEP

Commitment: 4-8 hours per class facilitated


Facilitation for CSL Programming is a vital role for our organization. Though our curriculum and lessons are well-established, facilitators need to engage our participants with trauma-informed and adult-learner best practices. We expect facilitators to provide tools and techniques that will bring the content to life for the REEP and RP participants.

Coordinators – RP/REEP

Commitment: 2-3 hours per month (ongoing)

In-person or virtual

This engagement is for a coordinator to organize, and project manage new activities that support the participants of both Restorative Pathways and the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program. These activities can be new workshops, specialized trainings, pitch events, etc. Project managers will be a great fit for this role.

In this StoryNow video Jason Groenwold shares his insights about volunteering as an accountability Partner with the ReEntry Entrepreneurship Program (REEP):