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Over the span of a 30-year career LeeRoy Jordan has served marginalized populations in a variety of roles. He has worked extensively with criminal and juvenile justice populations, from pre-trial services to post-incarceration support. He has advocated for alternatives to incarceration and diversions to placement for hundreds of individuals in criminal proceedings, parole hearings, and juvenile court hearings. He has led programs that provide housing, job training, and coordinate wrap-around services for their clients. Mr. Jordan’s passion for serving justice-impacted communities, based on his own lived experience, has evolved into an esteemed career as an award-winning director, public speaker, teacher, and change-maker.

Mr. Jordan is a founder of El Rio (Obsorne Association, Bronx/NYC) a chemical dependency treatment program for those involved in the criminal justice system. The program emphasized the importance of relationship building between municipal, community, and faith-based organizations to serve and support those affected by incarceration. During his tenure at the Osborne Association, he grew to be the Assistant Director of both the Court Services and Youth Services programs.


While serving as an advocate for Alternatives to Re-Incarceration at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services, Mr. Jordan wrote extensive revocation memorandums, participated in parole hearings, and advocated on a larger scale for the restoration of parole supervision for technical parole violators.


The decade of experience as an award-winning director of Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia serves as the pinnacle of Mr. Jordan’s career. There he served homeless, formerly incarcerated single men, many with significant histories of chemical dependency. Under Mr. Jordan’s leadership the staff of 25 served over 70 clients annually, with minimal to no recidivism. Services provided included housing, job readiness and skills training, and support services to provide graduates with solid footing upon completion of the program.


Recognized as a leader in his community, Mr. Jordan was chosen as a member of the Re-Entry Summit (Philadelphia), a think tank of leaders in city government, private business, non-profit organizations, and law enforcement tasked with crafting a visionary paradigm that would serve the city’s returning citizens. As a sought-after speaker, trainer, and workshop leader, he has presented at the National Conference on Women in Prison at Columbia University (NYC) and the annual Beyond the Walls: Prison Health Care and Reentry Summit (Philadelphia, 2007-2013), among many others.


Mr. Jordan is a Qualified Health Professional who has assisted hundreds of people in redirecting their lives throughout his career. He is currently available as an independent consultant, motivational coach and trainer, and guest speaker.

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