E. Alan Crawford II

E. Alan Crawford II


E. Alan Crawford, a native of High Point, North Carolina now residing in the Greater Charlotte area, spent 6 years serving his country in the Unites States Navy. Earning his Bachelor’s in Business from the University of California at San Diego.

Shortly after separating from the military, Alan found himself tempted by the lure of fast money, he became a convicted felon facing 21 years in prison. Standing before a compassionate judge Alan was shown leniency only receiving Probation as a first-time offender. Having to learn how to navigate through the court system, probation, and later the world of business in search of redemption and later fair employment opportunities, Alan realized he had the gift of adaptability. It was during this time, he remembered traveling the world, experiencing new cultures all while gaining a new respect for individual differences but equally as important our similarities. As a convicted felon he now found himself working for a small Janitorial company. As a new husband and father, working 70 hours a week, Alan embraced his journey making the most of every day. Being recognized for his dedication, and faithfulness to what seemed to be mundane achievement, other doors began to open affording Alan the opportunities to utilize his learned skills and education.

Now with more than 25 years in the Printing and Packaging Industry, Alan has worked to engage, hire, develop, and advocate for those looking to change the narrative surrounding convicted felons and formerly incarcerated members of the community. Having hired more than 50 outstanding former incarcerated men and women, Alan continues to look deeper than the conviction while in search for the individual who strives to make the change.

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